I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-10-04 03:20:30 (UTC)


I'm exausted. Don't know why. Well, yeah, I know why, but
it's different this time. Maybe I'm getting sick. Not fun.

A lady came in today and was talking to me about her right
arm. How it hurt, and she couldn't move it very much. Then
she proceeded to tell me that it got in her way and she
couldn't drive. She said that she wanted to get it
removed, but she couldn't find a doctor to do it for her.
She had tried to cut if off herself, but it was too hard
to cut off her right arm with her left hand (as she is
right handed). Now, how does one respond to that? Well,
have a nice day ma'am, and I hope your arm falls off? I
don't understand. She was totally serious. Very odd.

I have no news. Well, for those of you who remember New
Year's boy, well, he keeps insisting that he misses me and
loves me and is interested and so on. Wow, I feel really
shallow talking about this. I don't want to hurt his
feelings at all, and have told him that he's a nice guy
but I'm not interested. But he doesn't seem to get the
picture. Yeah, this is me, the girl so desperate for love,
shooting down someone who 'claims' that he loves me. I
honestly don't think that he does, I just think that he's
lonely. *sigh* I really feel like shit for saying all
this, but it's the truth.

I don't feel well. I'm going to bed.