Jena's Rants
2001-07-30 19:22:52 (UTC)

Bite the hand that feeds you shit!

i don't know why i am feeling this way. perhaps it is my
mania, i don't know for sure. i sure as hell don't feel
manic, i do feel very apathetic though. if i had to
make a decision right now i would end this relationship. i
am feeling an extreme need to be alone. i don't know why i
am trying to sabotage a perfectly good relationship, but at
the same time i have to wonder if it is my best instinct
giving me a bit of clairvoyant help. my white flag is
airing itself out. i am ready to blow all of this shit
away. i need alone time. call me an escapist, call me an
idiot, call me whatever.............
i know what i need and i know what i want and they are two
different things. it is good to know that i am accustomed
to not getting what i want.