Sari McKinney

I Hate
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2001-07-30 19:03:57 (UTC)

Phone talkings...

... Eri is kewl...

Well this is Sari yet again. You are either here by
accident or you really do care about me ( ^.~ ) ( ^.~ )

Well nothing much has happened this week 'cept Eri and
Libbi might be stayin' ova... fun fun... well the play is
at the midlle school:

Thursday Nite - 7:00
Friday Nite - 7:00
Saturday Day - 2:00

I think those are the times it's this WEEK!!! yay yay
yay !!! all of my peeps MUST come to see the show... you
must... must... must.... you must!!! I demand it!

Okat. ^.^ trying to think... I am can't think... well uhmm
I dunno stuff.... wow I am not making any sense... i need
something to do now... not latazzz now i think i will eat
some food!