lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-10-04 02:42:21 (UTC)

young & the hopeless

wow the best cd ever. actually no but really like it.

girls don't like boys
girls like cars and money
boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny
- boys & girls

lifestyles of the rich & the famous
they're always complaining
always complaining
their money is such a problem
they've got mansions
think we should rob them
- lifestyles of the rich & famous

if you want me to wait
i will wait for you
if you tell me to stay
i will stay right through
if you don't wanna say
anything at all
i'm happy wondering

those are my far. haha wah ah ah! and
"another loser anthem" and "my bloody valentine" and
"the day i die"...hahaha. don't worry britt, it's on its way.

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