the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2001-07-30 18:55:44 (UTC)

~*~No Mango for u tonight ~*~



Hehehehehe well okay so I saw Jason last night .. I think
that went pretty well I mean he is a sweetheart .. I take
back all my previous statements of him being a pain in my
neck and all that really he is a col guy .. I mean he hit
it off with my dad .. well I think he did .. its all good
though .. I mean he was all * YOu are so much prettier in
person * I am all * I know * :p so ne ways .. I dunno he is
just a really nice guy .. But ne ways so I have gotten all
my books for AP english 3 and I am all now I have a week to
read this 300 page book so that is what I am gonna do all
this weeks .. I mean I have like 13 days till I start
school but I dunno there is no way I am gonna be able to
get all of this crap done in 13 days I wish I had not
pcrastinated ! Okay everyone Blink 182 is coming to a town
near me .. hehhehehehe get prepared Tom I am gonna kiddnap
u .. I am in love with Tom !!!!! Touch me !!!! Ya know
that Roch show song .. he is singing that to me !!!
heheheheheh Punk rock ! I just had a moment :p
Okay so yeah .. I think darcy is mad at me b/c of the whole
Jason thing .. or maybe she is Jealious .. u never know
with her .. I mean she called me at 10 this morning and
was freaking distant after I started talking about him and
then she will not answer her phone now ! GOD chic get over
it .. I like hanging out with this guy and there is nothing
u can do about it except accept it .. grrr .. I mean MAnda
is so cool with all this .. I am like thank god someone
that will listen to me go on and on ..
ne ways I thought of ome more of my favorites :
thing to do : get massages and shop !
best gal pal : a tye between Manda and Darcy !
number of times I have lied about my age: like 4 times * I
think *
best/old club song : *shorty swing my way* ya u remember
it .. hehehehe
best /new club song : I would not know ..
role model: Mandy Moore
song that never dies: regulate -Warren G
I guess that is enough for now .. I gottz to go lates
Lates Mac