Day to Day
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2001-07-30 18:44:45 (UTC)


Newyaz, today is dead. I am cleaning my room, fun fun! J/K
But whatever, last night I went with Kris and Alix to see
Tim Mcgraw, it was a great concert.
I havn't really seen much of Jeff lately. I think there is
an unspoken avoidance on both of out parts, like maybe we
need to be apart for a few days and then see what happens.
Whatever, I am kinda getting tired of waiting, I WANT SOME
ASS! haha!
Saturday I bought the shittiest ounce. I am so pist, I hate
getting ripped off. Fuck Adam and Chris!!! And Brandon!
ETC. ETC. I am not in that bad of a mood really but I felt
like letting those ppl have it for a minute.
I'm getting ready to eat pizza, I'm a little high. Be right
back . . . ok, I'm back, Sarah is here, I am getting ready to take
her to Vine St. *SCARY* to see her boyfriend. I will tell more when I
can. peace-brit