The Basement
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2002-10-04 01:28:56 (UTC)


as u can probably tell by now, i'm too lazy and have no
life. Nothing interesting goes on.
During the elections, I was helping kailey put up posters
for her election. She's running for secretary btw.
A friend of kelsys that i dunno walked up to me from her
lil goth/punk group by the door and started aksing me where
kelsy is and stuff. Turns out her name ish amanda, kelsys
new gf or sometihng.rumor goes that they slept together on
the 2nd day they met.okay getting sidetracked now..
I didn't really tihnk much of it but felt it odd since half
of the ppl in her group dun like azn thuggish ppl. Which
was exactly how I was that rainy morning. So we talked for
a while until kailey dragged me to the commons to help her
reach the hgiher places since she wuz so short.lolz, korean
ppl and their shortness. lolz jus kidding. ok, as kailey
dragged me away, everyone in the group was staring at me in
a weirdish way and when i was about to turn the corner,
they all stopped stairing and turned around crowding around
someone and talkign at once. I didn't think much of it
except i was glad they wrent staring at meeh anymo cuz i
wuz startin to get all paranoidy and stuff. During second
lunch, the lunch I'm not in, I was skipping Litterature
class and walking down the hall until kelsy and amanda
popped up behind me and nearly made me piss my pants.
(goddamnit they alway do that!) so we were walking in our
happy lil weird group into the lunchroom and we just stood
there talking.Kelsy was all kissing Amanda and stuff and
the preps where all "ewwwyyy" and yea. And then kelsy asked
who I was goin wit to homecoming and I said no one I dun
have a date.Her and amanda started talkign at once about
this azn girl that has a crush on me and stuff. She's
amandas best friend. Then amanda told me the only reason
she came up to me that morning wuz becuz that girl wanted
her to talk to me and see if i have a gf and stuff cuz she
was too shy.lolz. The problem is, i dunno who she is and
kelsy and amanda wont tell me. So I just told them to aks
that gurl to go to homecomign wit me as sort of a
blind/first date thing. lolz, now i hafta majorly save up
my cash. 30$ just for entering the damn i needta
buy a tux, flowers, and pictures, and probably pay for my
date.Which goes down to almsot 100-200$!! araahhh...O
well, as logn as i dun needta pay for the dress too cuz i
heard the dresses are the most expensive. The"gurl" pay for
make-up,dress,accessories and stuff. "guys" pay for
entrance fee,limo if wanted,dinner,pictures and in my case
since it is a first date, flowers. So yea. I'll be working
my ass off cuz homecomign is almsot here. only...24 more
days....I think....ugh... g2g now.