Lovin' and losin' forever more
2001-07-30 18:13:33 (UTC)

Sneaking Out

Yea, Yea, Yea, I snuck out Big deal, not like no-one in
the world has. And yea I got busted, by one of my so called
bestest friends. Lil Shit. She snuck out wit us and she
asked us to walk her home, but we couldnt cause we couldnt
leave SB cuz we had to talk to her BAD. So she left and
took her dog wit her and when that lill slut got home she
told mark that we snuck out without permission, sat on
someones car, and were doing bad things. First of all you
dont get permission to sneak out, second of all the only
one at SB house was her momma, and third of all the only
thing we did that was bad is talked about wat DW did at her
house. We didnt smoke drink that kinda junk. In case you
havent noticed this girl is a BLONDE, and really gives
blondes a bad name. We wouldnt have even got busted if it
wasnt for the Hoe. And me and the rest of H.H. have been
talking aboubt kicken her outa the H. Hoes, Alls I know is
that DW might lose her car, and I might lose my phone and
my car that im supposed to get next year all for that
whore. Well got ta run
Have to go and clean the house for my funo* punishement
******** Baybe ********
ohh and if any of you have that open diary stuff read HR
her name is ***star*** okay, like that blonde will ever be
a star. LOve ya