OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
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2001-07-30 17:14:01 (UTC)

" I Won't Go For That "

I'm not gonna tolerate his shit ANY damn more. *ugh* Terry
is just fucking retarded and he probably thinks he is cool
and all this shit. Lately he's been hanging out with this
girl named MISTY. (no offense to anyone who's name is
Misty, but every misty I'm known has been rather SKANKY,
and in my opionoin that is a damn cat's name.. sorry, I had
to vent). Anyway, so I'm just sick of it and Alicia
is "afraid to hurt his feelings" and that's dumb. So if his
dumb ass isn't home I don't know HOW I can break up with
him. It's just DUMB!! Anyway
My trip to Florida was pretty swank. (haha.. I watched a
movie last night that said swank so I decided to use it!
lol) I got to swim/snorkel with the Manatee's. They are an
endangered species I think. Then we went to the Kenndey
Space Center and I saw some CUTE boys there. lol- Then we
went to Sea World. I got to feed the Sting Rays. I was
scared to death they were going to bite me! lol And then I
got to feed the dolphins and pet them. They feel like
rubber! Then we went to Universal Studios. Adventure Island
b/c that is what my brother wanted to go to. There was this
boy that was tall (naturally) blonde, curly hair. Blue eyes
and he was from Scottland and he was SOOOO cute! I loved
his accent. But they had this med-evil resturant. They had
some GOOD cornbread, lol- It was a cool restuarant. I also
got to go to the beach twice. I love the ocean. My ultimate
fantasy for a date is just to hang on the beach. And if
their house was by the beach and NO ONE (I mean NO ONE,
lol) Ever came over there by his house and no one lived
around, then I would LOVE to make love on the beach. Or in
outerspace... lol- That was one of Nick's fantasy to make
love in outerspace. I'll brb

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