Inside Me
2002-10-03 21:25:15 (UTC)

Thursday after work

Oh my word, its so not fair! My boss might be going to see
a brodway musical for Phantom o the Opera, so not fair!
Anyways, like the first person I waited on today, I came
out I thought as I normally do, but he's like well you seem
pretty happy today. I was like thinking hmmm I wonder. In
my head, or heart, you could say I have a sun moon and
stars, and the different people in my life make my sun
brighter, and my moon to glow more. Well I know my sun just
got brighter. I mean, even though things might not be as
before, it makes me really happy knowing we are still
friends, best friends maybe if thats ok. I mean there is
still something strong there, and I'd never want to throw
that away no matter what, basically like my one poem on my
site says."Everywhere I go, I know you'll always be with
me, no matter what we are, no matter how far, there's
someone I know who loves me. I gues you could almost place
God there too. Kwel huh? I hope I find what I"m looking for
this Saturday, because if I'm going through all that
again, I just better. I got this video thing for my
Tinwhistle, oh my word, I've got a lot to learn. I also am
doing this book for cubbies. I was debating on it, but it
really looks like they need the extra help back there, so I
guess I'll go for it. And if all is well, I'm heading back
to choir, however there is no practice this Sunday night,
but I think I know the song for Sunday morning, considering
I listened to them practice it and all. Let God guide your
heart, by all