No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-03 20:17:06 (UTC)

great...just peachy

October 3, 2002
Even a small, genuine effort is better than not trying at
all. You have a lot of explaining to do, Gemini, so you had
better get to the point quickly. Beating around the bush
will only help to intensify the situation. Your anger is
causing you to become careless.
Shit fuck shit fuck shit. Excuse the language but that's
all I can think to say to that. The only person that could
possibly know why I say that is Jess. Think about this
person: Sale Pending. Yeah. Then read that. I do have a lot
of explaining to do, but so do they. I am making an
effort...but I did. I deciced to see if instead of going to
that person, if they would come to me and it worked. :D I'm
evil. I need to do this soon, Jess and you told me that
last night. Yes my anger over the whole thing was causing
me to be very very careless. But not anymore dude! Shit I
need to gain balls, wait, so does Jess. You know what I'm
talking about.
Ok, I'm out.

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