The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-10-03 19:02:55 (UTC)

Leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Hiatus continues. Still nothing.

Well, not entirely. Ha ha.

Jackie is having a party for me on Saturday, which should
be fun. We put up Christmas lights everywhere, and invited
around 40 or 50 people. It should be a good time.

My trip to Pittsburgh last weekend was great, but it was
also extremely fast and confusing. I mean, being tossed
back in the pot with Jessy and the Warhol again for such a
short, concentrated amount of time...I don't know. It was
great! But you know, it was like drinking a can of juice concentrate
in one gulp.

Katie is very morose lately. Poor girl. She's just working
and living at home and being with Branum. I don't know what
to tell her. Well, that's not true. I know exactly what to
tell her: save money, dump the guy and get the hell out of
this city for awhile. Go do something interesting somewhere
else. Go explore. Go make art. Go get an interesting job. Go date
some artsy guys. Go LIVE. But I can't say that. That's not what she
wants. I don't know what she wants. I wish I could help her more. She
knows she's got me whenever she needs me, though.

I am ready to take my own advice, though. As soon as I graduate:
maybe it'll be the east coast with Tom Hall, or maybe it'll the
Pacific Northwest with Joel, or maybe it'll be the west coast with
Dan and Becca and the band, or maybe it'll even be somewhere ith
Jessy if we stay together that long and I don't go nuts trying to
carry on a long-distance relationship...

The point is this: wherever, whatever, it won't be here. I'm useless
here. I'm completely and utterly usless to anyone or anything here at
this point, and there is almost nothing to keep me happy and focused
and occupied and energized for a lifetime here, either.

Which reminds me, the band: we got another bassist, a girl named
Layla. She hasn't played before, but we'll teach her. I mean, we're
not doing anything too complex. We have two completed
originals, "Washington D.C." and "Fadeless," and two in the
works, "Parkway" and "Sad Sex." "Fadeless" particularly is wonderful:
John Doe/Exene Cervenka-styled boy-girl harmonies over a very warm,
enveloping punk guitar line that sounds kinda rooted in English new
wave or maybe shoegazing. Becca wants to play a show before she has
surgery in December. We can probably pull a short set by then.

As far as painting goes, it's been hard, I don't feel strong about my
mixing. My in-class assignments are mediocre-ish, but I did a good
self-portrait called "Beer Whisky Food" that has some nice
transparent glazes and reflected light. The composition is good, or
perhaps more "cute" than "good," but it still works. It's a step in
the right direction.