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2002-10-03 17:23:28 (UTC)


I have been here at college for like three hours now and i
am so bored out of my mind, so i decided to write in my
diary. I don't understand why everytime i find someone who
is worth my time and that i really like they always end up
so far away from me and it takes me forever just to get the
money to fly up to where i need to go. I really like this
guy in canada named John, but i feel bad b/c i can't see
in, only in pictures that we have. I can't move up there
until college down here is done and that is like four years
away i am so afraid that i am going to lose him over the
years b/c of being so busy and i don't want that to happen,
i try to be optimistic about these things, but it's like
everytime i am they always turn out like shit. I am writing
today to confess my feelings to him in hopes that he will
read this. I feel deeply for him like no other i have felt
for, he makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face no
matter what he does. He is a truly great person both inside
and out. Even though i can't see him everyday he is always
in my heart, my mind and always in my dreams. He has given
me so much to think about. Even though he prolly doesn't
know how much he means to me, but if your reading this, you
mean the world to me and more. I miss you dearly.


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