Meshed Up
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2002-10-03 16:46:43 (UTC)


i felt boring today for some reason. don't really know why.

my brain hasn't really begun to function yet as usual. can
somebody please tell me what 'stigmatized' means? cuz i
really like that mainstream as it may be.

been thinking about him...the time he sent me to the
airport and his eyes filled with tears, the midnight when
he came to pick my bags up, the way he started laughing
when i tried to sound funny, and the way he quietly said
that he wanted to stop time so that i wouldn't have to

strange. all my thoughts are kind of a mess right now. well
definitely had a jazzy night. i actually appreciate jazz
music if it's live.

what a boring entry. that adjective describes me perfectly.
boring boring boring...

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