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2001-07-30 14:58:46 (UTC)

good morning

hehe i have nothing to do. i just woke up. i was haveing
such a good sleep when the fucken phone had to ring! ok
that pissed me off. but anyways today i might see cristina
after 3 years of not seeing each other. that girl and me
were inseperable when we were ypung. from preschool to
middle school. then she moved on to another school in 7th
grade after that i didnt see her again. i chat with her
online but thats it. so im gonna call her again today to do
something. but now im going to go clean my room. GO
COLOMBIA! oh shit look what happened to gus he was holding
up a colombian flag and riding around then 2 mexican guys
grab his flag rip it punch him and get a corona bottle and
smash it in his face. the poor thing. i guess there mad
they lost. but i mean like its not that seriouse.. lata pplz