Princess CJ

My Thoughts
2001-07-30 14:42:38 (UTC)

Still pondering ....

Here i am, it's 12:36pm and all i can do is still here and
wonder about him. (since this is open to everyone, the
names have been changed) Antonio is is name. The one that
has so much pain and hate inside. All cause of one women!
Can't give any of use a chance. And i of all people would
love a chance with him. He's just too wonderful for
words ... yet i'll try to explain him to you.
Antonio's family is Italian.
The first night we were together he talked to me in
Italian. And whispered sweet things to me in Italian. He
told me how wonderful i was, how mysterous i was to him.
He loves Jazz, my most favorite music in the world. Is so
smart and understands were i'm coming from on almost any
topic that i've brought up to him. The way he looks at me,
the way he talks to me, and the way he says hello has i
walk down the hall to my room if he's out and about and
sees me ... and there are so many other little things too!
But the thing that still gets me, is that one women, ONE
WOMEN ruined him for the rest of us. One that had to cheat
on him. And if she was in her right mind she would've
never done it, cause he is one of the most greatest guys I
have ever met in my life. I know that I would've never
done it if he were mine. Never, and wouldn't, if i could
ever get him to knock that wall down and let me show him,
that not all women are a like, as he says.
Princess CJ