Life according to Luvie..
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2002-10-03 15:37:38 (UTC)

New Beginnings!!

Dear Diary,
Charlie is nineteen today!!! I LOVE YOU SWEETIE!! Oh
um...Jaime and me are over. Well I have been pulling away
from him. I don't know if he notices. Prolly does. He's not
stupid. I'm glad that my brother and him have made up.

I am going to turn down Casteel today. Just tell him no.
Plain and simple.

Charlie and me doing great. I'm going to play his way so I
can get back with him sooner! I love him soo much. Tomorrow
my friends and I are getting together to do what we do
best: T*E*A*M*W*O*R*K!! Gots to go though coz I actually
have to do work.
Love always,