listen to my silences
2002-10-03 14:37:12 (UTC)

i had a dream

i had a dream last night. imagine that. a dream. at
night. but the weird thing was that i dreamt, well that i
remember it. i usually don't. course i usually don't
sleep either...anyways whatever.

i dreamed that i went to a birthday party, i don't remember
whose, some lady. afterwards i was talking to her husband
who turned into a famous actor whose name i also cannot
remember. anyways we were talking about things i need for
my apartment (which i don't have and won't have considering
i'm moving into a house...) and he told me to follow him.
we went outside to the backyard. at that moment their
neighbor kicked her door into her backyard. the actor
picked upt he door and said here, now you have a door and a
mail slot and box. sure enough there was a mail slot.
then he turned the door over and there was a box on the
back. so i put the door into my car (i don't know how it
fit either).

then it was night. my car disappeared so i started
walking. i saw a house in the distance with two guys
sitting out front. somehow i knew it was brodie's house,
even though i hadn't seen him in a long time and his old
house was right down the road, two houses down (i knew this
and yet i had no clue where i was). it got pitch black
outside. i walked up to the driveway and the guards told
me to stop. they asked me what i was doing. i said i want
to see brodie. they said who are you and what do you
want. i said just tell him five a (i have no idea why).

so one of the guards went inside and came out a bit later
silent. brodie finally came out. amy? he said (i don't
know why). the guards moved toward me when i didn't
answer. brodie held up his hand and stopped them when they
were five feet from me. it was an unspoken rule (for some
reason) that i could not say my name. i had to say a
phrase so he could identify me. i wondered to myself why i
said five a and thought of what to say. i said ready wit
and stunning reparte. the guards were ready to move at the
motion of brodie's hand. he paused and said in amazement
megan? i said hey and he ran up and gave me a hug and spun
me around (like he always does) and said omigod! he held
me away from him in disbelief, and then, convinced that it
was me, gave me another hug. the guards relaxed and one
went in and brought us coffee. somehow i knew the guards,
though i hadn't known them before. we all sat down and

the only things i remember that we talked about were that
he lived by himself, he was running some major business
with the mafia or something, and his dad owned the other
house but was a hermit now.

so that was my dream.

final thought: a picture is worth a thousand words. words
are meaningless. 1000 x 0 = 0 ???