can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-10-03 12:26:48 (UTC)

the corrine thing

here's our convo-- (rins CB)

CurleyBrunette05: can I ask you a Q
AlienShip2000: sure
CurleyBrunette05: what is with the hostility that EVERYONE
has towards me? Am I like, hated or just someone that
everyone can talk about when they are mad?
CurleyBrunette05: or am I just an annoyance??
AlienShip2000: whos everyone?
CurleyBrunette05: your sister, sarah...

CurleyBrunette05: mildly you but nothing compared to them
AlienShip2000: i dunno, you'd have to ask them
CurleyBrunette05: is it because I dated Jim is it because
I used to do shit ?
CurleyBrunette05: I don't anymore but yeah I TRIED it so
AlienShip2000: You'd really have to talk to them babe
CurleyBrunette05: OH please like I'll get a straight
AlienShip2000: You know I don't care about the shit you
did, or that you dated Jim. What you do and who you date is
your business
AlienShip2000: I know, but I really don't have an answer
for you
CurleyBrunette05: okay
CurleyBrunette05: I mean so what I dated him GOD its over
big fucking deal ya know!/
AlienShip2000: yeah, i know
AlienShip2000: Hey, totally off subject question, but you
never told me what happened (like, sexually) between the
two of you!
CurleyBrunette05: Yeah well I had sex with him if that's
what you want to call it.
CurleyBrunette05: Let me guess Maryssa told you
AlienShip2000: Yeah. Don't be pissy at her though!
AlienShip2000: Why didn't you tell me? And why "if that's
what you want to call it."
CurleyBrunette05: he sucks
CurleyBrunette05: badly
CurleyBrunette05: terribly
CurleyBrunette05: if THATS a surprise
CurleyBrunette05: I'm still a virgin
CurleyBrunette05: I have my cherry
CurleyBrunette05: that's how bad he SUCKS
AlienShip2000: Lol, I was just about to say I'm not too
Uh, hon? If his dick was in you, you're not a virgin!
CurleyBrunette05: NO
CurleyBrunette05: that's not true hunny
AlienShip2000: YEAH, it is
CurleyBrunette05: I have my cherry
AlienShip2000: That doesn't mean youre not a virgin!
CurleyBrunette05: ok then I"m not
CurleyBrunette05: I say that I
CurleyBrunette05: am not but like other people are like if
you have it then you are still considered one
CurleyBrunette05: I honestly think that's BULLSHIT
CurleyBrunette05: but w/e
AlienShip2000: Whatever. only a technicality
CurleyBrunette05: see the thing is I THINK I AM NOT
AlienShip2000: alrighty
CurleyBrunette05: you want to know WHY i didn't tell yo u
CurleyBrunette05: and why I regret telling Maryssa
AlienShip2000: yeah
CurleyBrunette05: because you guys all talk MAD shit about
one another. I hate it.
CurleyBrunette05: Me included.
CurleyBrunette05: then it is OK the next second. Its petty
and I hate it.
CurleyBrunette05: but that's the honest truth why
CurleyBrunette05: because now none of you will look at me
the same
CurleyBrunette05: EVER again
CurleyBrunette05: because I saw something you guys didn't
AlienShip2000: well i just kinda thought that you would
tell me that you'd had sex...i mean, it's like...what am i
trying to say? i thought you might have told me because it
was kinda thing w/ us, you know?
AlienShip2000: alright, i'm not gonna look at you ANY
fucking differently. you had sex. like you're the first
person to get laid. (i dont mean this meanly either)
CurleyBrunette05: i know what you mean and NO i am not the
first in the group to get laid. You just don't know about
the other person
AlienShip2000: and its not talking shit. i'll bitch to
nikki or sarah about laura or vice-versa not cuz i honestly
don't like her but because something she didn't annoyed me.
and vice versa. its just venting to my friends, and i don't
say anything behind someones back that i wouldn't say to
their face. i'm just speaking for myself, but generally i
think its the rest of the group, or whatever you want to
call us. except steph. shes evil
AlienShip2000: who? steph?
CurleyBrunette05: yeahhhhh'
AlienShip2000: yeah, she told me
CurleyBrunette05: see I don't include you in that group
you know that
CurleyBrunette05: But it will get to your sister
CurleyBrunette05: if it hasn't all rady
CurleyBrunette05: *ready
CurleyBrunette05: then sarah
CurleyBrunette05: then laura
CurleyBrunette05: then brie
AlienShip2000: but the thing is, its not the sex or
whatever that would make them think less of you. they're
really not that petty. i'm not going to lie and say that
you're their best friends-especially brie, cuz as far as i
know she has no problem w/ you. but its not cuz of the sex
or drugs or whatever. i don't know exactly what it is,
maybe a combination.
CurleyBrunette05: I never did DRUGS I smoked weed like 5
CurleyBrunette05: IN MY LIFE
CurleyBrunette05: drugs are coke and E and acid and PCP
and shrooms
CurleyBrunette05: and heroine and I have seen THEM ALL
AlienShip2000: alright, but think of your definition and
then sarahs definition-hell, my definition
AlienShip2000: we're different honey, and in our bubble
weed is a drug. granted its not the worst thing you could
be doing, but it is
CurleyBrunette05: that's because you guys don't know
what's out there.
CurleyBrunette05: yes BUBBLE it is
CurleyBrunette05: i'm not a bad person
CurleyBrunette05: I'm not a slut
CurleyBrunette05: I'm not a druggy
AlienShip2000: fuck you corrine, don't pull that
condescending shit on me.
CurleyBrunette05: I'm not an alcoholic
AlienShip2000: i didn't say you were any of those things
CurleyBrunette05: I know
CurleyBrunette05: NOT YOu
CurleyBrunette05: I'm asking if that is what everyone sees
AlienShip2000: excuse me for being bitchy, but don't
complain because people talk shit about you and then make
assumptions about what other people are thinking
CurleyBrunette05: true
AlienShip2000: i'm not going to tell you everything my
friends think or say to me. you'll have to ask them
yourself, like i said earlier
CurleyBrunette05: Okay I will take that whole heartedly
CurleyBrunette05: ok
CurleyBrunette05: sry to bitch at you but like you
CurleyBrunette05: I was "venting"
CurleyBrunette05: it wasn't at YOU trust me
CurleyBrunette05: you're the one I like...
CurleyBrunette05: and Brie
AlienShip2000: i know, but you make me feel like i should
be turning against sarah and laura, and my sister for gods
sake. its not right to put me in the middle--and that goes
for them too
AlienShip2000: why the fuck do i have to like everyone????
AlienShip2000: i was friends with fucking steph pals for 4
years, and for 4 years i was stuck listening to people
bitch and moan about her. and i'm friends w/ you, and i'm
not going to lie and say people don't bitch about you
AlienShip2000: but i'm stuck here constantly saying will
you please just shut the fuck up because *I* like her

and the fact that she signed off just fucking pisses me
off. she can vent all she fucking wants, but the minute i
try and say something, she just signs off. damn bitch.
and she wants to sleep w/ sardou. this should NOT be
tearing me up inside. i swear to god, this shit w/ her is
making me just mean. i told some people about her wanting
to sleep w/ him, even though it is none of their business.
and now i'm half tempted to go hook back up w/ him...i
mean, in some ways i wanted to anyway, but her wanting to
screw him shouldn't be the main cause, you know?
fuck, sarahs gonna be here in a min. to take me to school.
i'll finish later.