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2001-07-30 14:04:06 (UTC)


do you recall that i used to live there?
of course i do.
that was when i fell in love with you
and that is why i hung out with her
to be around you
i have spited him ever since
ha ha
thats when i fell in love with you
-- but i heard you , you laugh , it's really not a joke.
it's ok. i think the same way. perhaps we are cold and
callused it's ok by i have loved you for a long time too
now more than ever
do you know that?
how long will you be gone ? i think a week from tuesday ,
and i leave tuesday
hhhhhssss ahghhh--
i know ,it's going to drive me crazy
maybe ill get some sleep maybe i wont sleep without you.
sleeping takes up too much time.
more time with you the better