Poetry of the Vampyress
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2002-10-03 07:08:36 (UTC)

Angel Child

Angel Child

Trust in my word, Angel Child
My voice is a siren calling
Calling you here for protection.
You are yet young and still pure.
"Hold my hand and show me."

Hear my song lovingly, Angel Child
It's notes hold harmony in them
Harmony to shield you from evil.
You've still have much to learn.
"Hold my hand and guide me."

With my soft touch, Angel Child,
I will sooth your fears and hates
For you need to know of more.
You are becoming olders, still new.
"Hold my hand and help me."

Soon I will leave you, Angel Child,
For you have learned all you can
But I'll still follow you, always.
You'll grow strong and live.
"Hold my hand and follow me."

By Jennifer Ellis
August 22, 2002

Dedicated to my Nephew and Niece, Anthony and Sarah

Now Dedicated to my four children, 10-1-12