Deep Down
2002-10-03 05:18:38 (UTC)

R.I.P: Isaac

On September 25th, at about 3am....Isaac A. Hendricks
passed away. He was rushed to Barton, where, after an hour
an a half in ICU under a resperator, he passed of a drug
However, it was not him that did the deed.
September 24th, 10pm: a party was going on for Will's 22nd
birthday party (a close friend to Ike). There was about 50
to 60 people there. Ike and his friends went all out to
make sure his birthday party was extra special.
During the occurance of the party, someone slipped some GHB
(aka: the date rape drug) into some of the party-goers
Within an hour, 5 people where rushed to the
hospital....including Isaac. Everyone recovered....Isaac
however, didn't.

The reason I am on here and telling you this is so you
don't think he was ignoring any of you.
Neeley, I know you meant a great deal to him.
He never shut up about you.
He adored women.....but not like that.

If anyone wants to know anything more about GHB and the
side affects or personal info on Isaac....don't hesitate to
reach me at his addy or mine.....they are almost identical:
BoardingisBliss or [email protected]

May all our prays be with him.

Loving sister,