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2002-10-03 04:57:36 (UTC)

The road to recovery....

Well tonight, I realized something... I realized who
matters... and who i have been neglecting all along... let
me go through the list...

***No matter how cold the winter, theres a spring time

Sara- My wonderful roomate. You make it possible for me to
hate the male race.. lol jk. you have helped me through so
much, and i cant even explain what you mean to me.. you do
piss me off alot,, like WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ALARM CLOCK
or when you make me popcorn to make me feel better, then
eat it all...But for the most part you are the greatest
friend i could ask for...

Tricia- You bring me so much joy and laughter, and a
twinge of lunge cancer... You have taught me that
sometimes you just need to not care, cause people are
gay.. and i do know we are much better sitting on our fat
asses eating and watching stupid movies, like HARRY
POTTER... even though that movie is sooo far from stupid..
ps.. did you ever hear about that whale? her name was
Patricia O'Brien Skowron.. haha JUST PLAYING.. your more
like a cow.. JK I'd go with pig.. ok im done! luv ya

Kendle- Man, you and I can connect where not many other
people are.. And i couldnt be happier I've gotten close
with you. Thanks for always talking and listening to my
shit. and i cant wait till i can be with you for more than
like a few hours!!!!!!!! You bring out the best in me and
i wont ever forget that... AND DUDE IT WAS A CUP OF

Kim- we hardly talk now, but you and i have so much fun
toghet... 16 bowls... that rocked.. But i honestly miss
making rediculous phone calls with you. And just running
around owning everything we stubble apon in our gayness..
You are such a good person, and you can get through
anything. You deserve alot.

Meg- Dude, rock on, you are the only person i can walk
completely wasted throughout town with and not even feel a
twinge of patheticness. Sitting on the curb talking about
sex, or Our new york trip.. endless trips to school high!
Man, whatever we come across we can own! And i know you
can do whatever you want with your life. You havent had it
easy, but you are my proof that there is happiness if you
only wait it out, and accept it..

Meg Betts- I want to thank you for always talking to me,
listening to me, and trying to make me feel better. I am
so happy we talk,, and i owe you so much for listening to
my bullshit over and over!

Carli- You are a good kid, and i only hope you respect
yourself as highly as you should... for its hard to find
people like you.. you and i are one in a bunch of many who
care unconditionaly, and usually get stomped on in the
process... Just be yourself, and surround yourself around
people who do love you.. forget about the fags that use
you and dont care!

Bill T.- Thanks for always putting me in my place and
making me laugh when i think i cant do anything but cry.
Im happy to know you, and youll never understand what you
truely do mean to me.

Matty D- Thanks for talking to me at the most rediculous
times, over the most rediclous things. I love it when you
tell me retarded facts that you hear on the news, and you
better buy me one of those fishys with legs for my bday
(dec. 29) dont you forget.. I love partying with you.. and
i do miss you.

Dan- Thanks for talking to me. Things have changed and i
hope things dont change that much between you and i. You
deserve the best.. and im not sure anyone will ever
fulfill my standards for you. your my best guy friend..
and i hope you really do realize that. keep smiling, keep laughing,
keep being yourself, you have a heart like no other.....

Chris Deprey- You are such a great person, and you always know how
to make me laugh. You are an awesome person, becuas eyou gave me a
chance when everyone was talking shit. You are so much better than
most of the people i've come across.. Keep Being yourself and people
will love you..... I hope you come back to uconn soon.. but keep
your clothes on next time your skateboarding!

John Flem-Dawg- Well thanks for always making me laugh, you are
hysterical... Hang in there because you are going to make some
special girl so incredible happy some day..... I Suck in the dark.
Where am I? Where is my Suzuki? Crunchy. Phantoms make Condoms in
the night. I am alone. I float like John Flemming. haha thanks for
dealing with our nonsense and for always making us feel welcome..

As for a few others-

I'd like to thank some others.

Ryan Mak- The mak attack.. the v-card avenger....Thank you for
always doing whatever you could in your power to upset me and ruin
my day/night/world. I am sure you dont realize it, but words can
hurt and they make a big impact on people. thanks For always trying
to make me hate myself just a little more than you hate youself.
Best of luck ryan, i really do think you could be something... As
soon as you get out of suffield, drop the ego, gain some
respect and learn that there is more to life then.. well..
you know what. But don't worry,,,, I regret anything i've ever given
to you, and im done caring and wanting whats best for you. Just
know, the only person that can change you is you, no matter how hard
i or anyone else does.. its got to be soemthing you want.. and im
not sure you do yet?

Chris R.- Thank you for wasting my year. But most of all i
want to thank you for making me realize so much about
myself. I now know how much better i am than you, and
from here I know i can do anything. I used to think you
were awesome, but now i realize you are confused, young
and immature.. its to bad chris.. but good luck. i hope
you graduate, and possible even go somewhere. You are one of the
smartest guys i know, don't let it go to waste.I hope you
had fun being a fucker. Because I am happy things are the
way they are.. I don't even want to be your friend, becuase I see
how you treat your "friends" and its no diff. then the way you
treated me.you used me, and treated me like complete shit. worst off
though you lied to me.... and it was totally uncalled for.. but
im ok with that... I am twice the person inside thanks to what
you put me through. Last year you always used to say your one fear
was to be another face in the crowd... well with all your hard work
youve accomplished that, your another face in the crowd of people
lacking respect and morals...Once again good luck. and I hope your
happy in the end, you probobly deserve it. Keep smiling and Knock em
dead killa

* well i just wanted to tell everyone these few things...
took a long time for me to realize whats important.. but
people who hurt aren't important, and all along i thought
they were... when in actuality, the people who i was
~ I could never be prouder to list the people above, and
call them my friends~ (disregaurding the last two).
NOVEL FOR ME,, be sure to keep an eye out in the future.^^^
~Now i know i can make it through anything.......