April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-10-03 04:08:26 (UTC)


today was the most boring day i have ever had! Anyway...
Today I slept through my first two classes, then i went to
french, then i skipped math and went to drama... where i
saw travis... and he swa me... and yeah, he was all over
me! HAHAHA in Jaimi's face! oh well i guess tomorrow we're
gonna have a race, and we're both gonna go up to him and
tell him that we want to bone! HAHA he'll think we're
crazy...hehn hehn hehn. Yeah so i saw diana for 5 seconds
right after lunch... ughhhhh. I don't like how she seems to
be so rude sometimes... then the next day she tries to be
my best friend. It's all very weird to me. I just don't see
what she's in it for... I have nothing. That's why i am so
confused! Oh well, i haven't seen dana lately, and i'm
beggining to think diana is trying to keep him all to
herself. But hey, thats ok, he's HER friend so...

Whatever... I am so tired. I just wanna talk to Micheal or
Justin. I hope one of them signs on soon. I need someone to
lift my spirits before bed ;) I think i have math tomorrow
morning! ahhhhh. I have skipped so much... and now i'm
scared to go to class cause i know my teacher will just be
mean to me :"( anyway, i have to do the dishes, so bye for
now. :P

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