LMAO! my life
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2002-10-03 03:46:19 (UTC)

wanna know how much my life..

wanna know how much my life sucks...
im always being compared to my brother, if my grades arent
good enough, my parents lecture me to succeed. wut the
fuck.. am i supposed to be in my room all day juss sittin
there studyn.. nooo
i wish i could hang out wit mah friends, but no.. my
parents have grounded me becuz they think they take
drugs.. and sure enough... they are right.. some of my
friends do take drugs.. what am i sposed to do? ? stop
being friend with them...? well, apparently thats all that
is happenin, im losin more and more friends. my social
life is vanishin, im not gettn that good grades, that both
ME and my parents are expecting. my life sucks, maybe ill
start taking drugs wit the whole world.. or maybe ill juss
go kill myself.. damn.. wtf i know im not gonna do dat...
I'll get someone to kill me!!!
hmm. i have no good friends ne more, i dun trust ne one,
my life sucks, friends are ignorant, obnoxious, stupid,
always using and abusing. bastards.lmao, what else can i
bitch about.....
i think that is all....bye

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