thouhgts of Sam
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2002-10-03 03:06:17 (UTC)

Hi there

Here it is It's October 2, 2002. So I sit here at
home all by myself. I spent the day with joselin, and
already I miss her and I cant wait to see her again. I
know it has been a real long time since anyone has read
anything from me, but I guess that's not really to
important. So I got some new CD's. Well I got one of
them. I ordered the HIM CD's. I cant wait for the new one
to get here. I already love the one I got but I really
really want to hear the other one. It has more of the
songs I like on it. I am super excited. Apart from that I
got my jacket today. I put a leather jacket on layaway and
I got it today. I am super excited about that too. I
really wanted to get that jacket. But thats really all
that has been happening. I work almost all of the time.
Ever since I went full time I just feel like I have no time
for me to get things done anymore. It has been hard I mean
I have to be at work at 7 in the morning and I am usually
there till about 6. So it is hard. But anyway I am done.