2002-10-03 03:01:46 (UTC)

who knows? who cares!

gosh all this counting up has gotten me nowhere... i
don't mind that everyone knows... oh well! i am happy...
fuck them, right?

golly tamale! i am so confused!! bo and i are dating
seriously, now i guess. i am all for it, she makes me
happy... but i what i don't get is that we are just the
same when we are together. i don't feel that we are
really anything more than friends. perhaps i am insane.
i told her i felt like a rebound, now i feel bad cause
she's fretting over it. her and katie are fighting, that
bothers me. of course katie is blaming it on me, and
bo's blaming it on her ma threatening to press charges.
but yet bo still wants to be her friend. weren't they just
"friends" before? gosh, i don't know.

i didn't go to school or work today, i feel like such a
slacker. but, golly, i feel so burnt. maybe i am taking on
too many hours. but i really need the money. bo was
over here last night, it was so great to finally just chill
and not have to worry about work or anything. i thought it
was grand, minimal cuddling, but hey, we can work on
that, right? oh i hope so...

you know, i worry far too much! silly me