Glimpse of Reality
2001-07-30 10:14:53 (UTC)

Monday, July 30th 2001

I haven't updated this for quite awhile which is my fault.
the stupid computer got a virus and I've had to re-format
and format again I just need a new hard drive is the thing.
Quite a bit has happened, Mother is on vacation and the
house is mine for a week and a half! I'm not having any
parties though.
I am excited about the day after Mom gets home though,
that's when I go to California and see TW!! I can't wait
for that I'll be so happy when that 8 hour flight is over
and I land.. I'll be there a whole week I wish it would be
longer though but thats ok he'll be here on Christmas and I
got a lot of stuff to do to get ready for that including
lots of concerts to work on.
I'm so happy the magazine is doing so well! I would write
more but i got a lot of e-mailing and work to do right
now... to be updated later.