Ryan's Girl

Ryan,Ryan,and more Ryan
2002-10-03 01:28:35 (UTC)

Well, It's Wednesday

I was Remembering that time last year when Ryan and
Chris were "tricked" By our Math and Science teacher(Ryan
traded his dime for a nickel)It was soooo funny!!! Well,I
think today has been the best day of the week so far
because For once Jessie didn't bother me(OK she laughed at
me several times but she hasn't actually come up to me)What
does she have against ME? I haven't taken anything from
her,I always try to look at her good side,and I don't even
talk back to her when she calls me names because I don't
want to be like her. Sometimes,I feel that I'm making her
believe that she can do whatever she wants to me and get
away with it but that's not true(Although she may believe
it)Belive me,If I wanted to I could really kick her ass!
But,I won't 'cause there is no Important reason I should
(Except for breaking our "friendship" and seducing Ryan)
Well,If this Feedback thing really works let me know what
you think K?