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you THINK you know...and you probably do
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2002-10-03 01:24:26 (UTC)


I swear, i'm going to kick Mrs. Dutrow in her ovaries.
Every time we have a group assignment, she puts me with the
biggest idiots in the whole class so i have to do all the
work. Today we had to write a thesis statemant for some
dumb poem, and mine was absoutely perfect. We were getting
a grade for reading them orally. She spends a shitload of
time telling everyone else how good their is..then gets to
me. And i quote: "Well, mrs. williams, it appears we don't
have time to hear yours. You may stay after class thursday
to make up the assignment". FUCKING DYKE. I'm gonna write
the best thesis statement ever to smite her..ohhh what a
thesis statement i will write. Not even I will understand
the superiority of my vocabulary.

Anyways, after school, i hung out with kirk who dyed my
hair. It was supposed to be dark brown but turned out kinda
black. Mother was not pleased.