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2002-10-03 00:46:10 (UTC)

"we can be sensitive people, us scorpios."

so yeah.

i fucking hate waking up from a nap and having people piss
me off right away.
i fucking hate it.

i was upstairs SLEEPING SOUNDLY as ani would say and then
my mother calls me.
on my house line.
which makes me move.
a LOT.
so yes she calls me.
being drunk.
asking me if i want to go out to eat with her and my dad.
and i said
i dont know ill call you in a little bit when im more awake
and she says no.
i have to know right now
and i say why
and shes real drunk
and she says so that you can drive
and i was like i would want to take my car anyway
and shes like why
and im like cuz i have shit to do and i dont want to just
fucking sit there why you and him get plastered and i sit
there being bored
and she says i dont think well be doing that
and im like yeah you always fucking do.
she was so drunk.
and im like are you okay to drive.
and shes like yes.
and i was like are you sure
and she was like right now i am
and im like.
and she was being mean.
and i was sleepy.

and then i called emily so she could make it better cuz i
was unhappy after that and i couldnt hear her over her
music in her car and i was sleepy and it made me mad
because i was sleepy and being dumb

so yes.

i was in an awful mood.
and i had just woken up.
and it was pissing me off.

so i called shard.
cuz he loves me and makes me happy most of the time when i
talk to him which is like never

and i couldnt hear HIM because he was at hhn and i was
like fine yeah call me later whatever


and so i was sleepy and i was like fuck it and i started
going through my phone and i was real sleepy man and i
ended up calling brittany.
shes a b.

yeah so i called her and it was weird and i havent seen
her in a long time and now were going to go for coffee and
thats strange

but whatever.

i dont like not liking people, maybe shell be better

i used to like her ya know.

well see i guess.