ooooo diary
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2001-07-30 08:10:42 (UTC)


i updated most of the links. took away miles and jordan's
sites. they didnt update for like a month. well that means
anyone who wants to be on the site can, so if u like this
website you can become a part of it. yea so brendans back
from fat camp. probably hang out with him tomroow. sounds
like he had fun. my computer broke and i dont know why.
when i type the password for windows it just freezes. piece
of shit. arrgh die die die. yup. i just bought 50 cd-r's so
i can put everything on cd's and now it breaks.
sporangina!. o well. thats life. i need an amp for my
guitar. so i will get one when i get my money. i need a
haircut. i look like the dude from the beatles. i want to
grow it longer so i look really dorky like the dude in
weezer used to look like. its cool. weezer is awesome. i
should get their old cd's, i only have the new one (thanks
to mike). i also want to get the Cake cd. they are the
geniuses who brought you Short Skirt, Long Sweater, its
funny. i heard bloodhound gang is gonna make a new cd
before the end of the year so i want that too. BG has funny
music videos. you can download them off morpheus or kazaa
or whatever the hell u use. BG is almost BJ. kristin has a
friend who's nickname is BJ. the dude from greenday has BJ
written on his guitar. i was thinking that BJ would be a
good porn nickname. Minka #1 Big Boob Asian Queen. woohoo
lovelines on tonight. i recorded the last lightning round.
funny stuff adam. almost the end of the month. its almost
school again ALREADY. jebus time goes fast during summer

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