No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-10-03 00:30:50 (UTC)

all day

All day today all I wanted to do was break down crying and
die in a cold lonely hole. Now everything is better I
guess :D...anways..more weird horoscopes
You've said all the right things and gone through all the
right motions. Now the perfect courtship is moving into its
end game. Everything in the world leads up to that moment
when two willing bodies come in contact.

What's going on here? This person doesn't call when they
are supposed to, but then they stop by unexpectedly. Some
people like this kind of roller coaster ride. If you don't,
know that you have many other options
(I dont mind that..stoping by is nice:D)

Be careful not to exaggerate the facts today.

Everyone understands you already. Now you must decide.
Don't let your system fail.
As some of you know, my day sucked. It's fine now, I fixed
most of it, but those kinda related to what happened.