Nephanie's Life
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2002-10-02 23:27:44 (UTC)


Okay to start off the day...Olive, Jessika, Jessica,
Manda, Jessica, more, and me were sitting down in the
corner were we always sit and all of a sudden we hear some
yelling and we see a we really pay no attention
to it until some one yells that it is Vickie...So I stand
up on the bench and look down and i see Vickie against the
wall and this lil Tony kid throwin punches at her...Well i
saw her block some but i guess he got two in not real good
ones though...So at one point she fucken punches him in the
face one punch and his nose starts bleeding and i think he
lost a tooth...I mean there was blood everywhere...On the
window floor..ohh so much blood...The kids face was covered
in it...So we go over get Vickie talk to her (olive and i)
and she has some scratches and blood on her arm...and i
guess that kid freaken bit her! So she had some bit
marks...It was crazy shit...At the end of the day there was
still blood on the floor and window...I wonder if it will
be there tomorrow...hmmm?...And that was the only real
exciting part of my day...woo hoo..yah...i am a
loser...PEACE OUT!

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