LMAO! my life
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2002-10-02 22:56:17 (UTC)

i feel like a retard..

juss kill me now..
my parents hate me..
i dun like school..
all my friends are gone..
wrestling just started and im paired up wit some guy thats
a "champion" in some sorta league... omFG
im gettin a see in hist. western civ.
old friends are lost.
they dont wanna be seen wit me or sumtin,, LMAO!!
or else, i have to follow them..
im not a follower.
new friends are confusing
i dun do none of mah homework
i miss my old school, O:L:R
i wish i could juss die now..
all i do is sit at home, online
life is boring
so much complainin
life sucks
i think im gonna go kill myself

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