Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
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2001-07-30 07:03:22 (UTC)

Severed ties

Is it wrong to see a future with someone? Around the age of
15? I mean, love's one thing, but to think it could last
forever? Will I scare him away if I tell him that? That I
love him and that yes I DO think it could possibly last
forever? That no, I DON'T want anyone else, can't think of
really wanting anyone else? That sure, there's always eye
candy but that it's JUST for my eyes and that flirting is
fun but doesn't have to be more? Is that too much a limit
on myself? I mean we still have the rest of high school and
college, but that doesn't HAVE to automatically doom the
relationship. Going through a relationship knowing that
your partner EXPECTS it to die kindof kills it before it
has a chance to bloom. It shows a total lack of faith in
the strength of my emotions. maybe I am just overthinking
everything, but it's disheartening. It takes two people for
a relationship, so how can I feed so much emotion and care
into a bond that will be severed because my bondmate
expects it to be? Believing something is doomed to fail is
a self-fulfilling prophecy. Damn it all. I don't know. I
will just have to ride this one out. Maybe it will carry me

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