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2001-07-30 06:51:27 (UTC)

Upon a Bed of Red Leaves

this is when
you pick up your roots
and drop them somewhere else
shakes off all your branches
wait for more rain
to collect
(shake that off in a few years)

but now is all i see
and the coming quake
looms fear, dread and large to me

here among the sparsed poplars
a finger to my temple
a push to change my view

now they're gone
some familiar faces
though remain
the one i want is gone
off to find a new life
among the denser groves

these might be seperated forever
connected by the can and twine and shout
but string withers
these might be seperated forever
spin the dice

here at the game's crossroads
the rain in my eyes
a drop to change my view
a torrent to drown a few