Little Pook

SiGH exHaLES HeaRt
2001-07-30 06:27:02 (UTC)


Baby dolls lungs were glowing green,glowing
blood pumping through glowing veins.
Stepped in front of me just as i was about to light
up my cigarette.
"Don't worry about it", boy said.Lights up his own
Only a dream i say to myself looking back at the
mansion sitting on the hill behind me.Drowning in shadow.
Boy takes my hand and walks me over to where the
shadow faes were having their war in the feilds far below
our hill.
I could only sigh...somehow i felt like it was only my
Dreaming i thought.....i could leave at anytime....
But baby doll was starting to fade and boy started to cry.
That's when i willed myself out of that sad dream...
only to find myself being stalked by a dead man trying to kill me.
So i woke up....and i know now that i wont be able to sleep again for
a long time.