Why Me?
2001-07-30 06:23:01 (UTC)

The Ramblings of a Bored Mind


Nothing of interest happened today. I went to a family
reunion. It was okay, I s'pose - we got lost on the way
there. Basically, that was all. As I said, Diary, my life
is not exactly bulging with fun facts to divulge. If it
were, I think I'd shoot myself. :) As it is, I'm going to
talk and ramble on a bit more. Feel free to stop reading
now, because this could get ugly. :)
First of all, I'm going to talk about music. Most music
today sucks. Badly. Yes, yes - there is SOME decent music,
but we won't get into that. It's much funner to make fun of
Britney Spears than to just say "Hey, I like [insert
favorite band name here]". :) So, let's get on to making
fun of Britney Spears, shall we? She's a slut - what else
can I say? I read in the paper that she doesn't "want to be
a role model anymore". Personally, I figure if she sang
music that didn't suck ass, little kids wouldn't be the only
people who listened to it. Thus, she wouldn't have to be a
role model. But, who listens to me? Nobody I know.
Naturally, I think it goes without saying, I don't like any
boy bands or anything else that's generally classified as
"pop". For one, I think it gives a bad message to kids. It
admonishes individualism and promotes materialism and
conformity. For another, they can't sing. People say Kid
Rock and Eminem are bad, but I would encourage anyone to
listen to them. Sure, they're crude, but they're honest.
That type of music doesn't see the world with rose-colored
glasses, so to speak. And, to feed your curiousity, Diary
here are some of the bands that I like: Creed, Three Doors
Down, Green Day, Kid Rock, Eminem, and a whole lot more! :)
And now on to something else. How about Freudian
Pyschology? I just recently decided that I LOVE Freud.
Currently I am studying the Id, the Ego, and the Superego.
The Id is like your most primitive self. The Ego is your
basic self - it caters to the Id. And the Superego is the
social self. For example: The Id tells a person when they
should be hungry, but it does not know how to provide food.
It kind of just sits there like a lump. The Ego goes out
and finds food so that the person doesn't die of starvation.
The Superego is just there to control the Ego. It won't
let you scarf down the food because that generally isn't
exceptable. I hate Superegos. I want a bumper sticker for
my car that says: My superego killed itself. I doubt that
they make them.
Dreams. Everybody has them - I have really cool ones.
Every dream I have ever had in my life has been so realistic
that I honestly woke up and at first believed it was real.
I find dreams fascinating and put much stock into them.
They ARE premonitions about the past or future - the
workings of our overloaded subconciouses. I find that I am
relatively decent at interpreting dreams and also that
people have a tendancy to tell me their dreams. Strangers
have just randomly told me their dreams before. I think
it's pretty cool.
Well, mes amis, it's time to take this weary traveller to
bed. I bid you adieu, Diary, and wish everyone else the
best of luck (well, not really, but why the hell not say it
- you don't know how insincere I am! :)! I'll see ya, I
love ya, and I bless ya! And I'm out!