starry nite

my own world
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2002-10-02 20:45:50 (UTC)

verge of tears

i dont want to even try anymore. i dont want to have to
fight so hard to stay alive. why should i? im not happy and
i will never be happy. today in school i got a B- on my
photo project. most the other people got A's. it isnt fair.
i worked hard and actually spent time coming up with a
concept and stuff but the other people just stuck things
together that didnt make sense. i was the only one that
actually had a project that had a story,idea, message.
theirs was just random things. im not saying they were bad,
but i put thought into mine, shouldnt that count for
something? the teacher didnt eve realize what i was trying
to show, when i said it today during the critique he was
like oh i didnt know that, but when we starrted the project
we aall told him our ideas, including me he just didnt care
enough to remember. then he had suggestions on what i could
have done differently, things i could have done b4 i handed
it in if he had been listening when i told him my idea and
he had told me about the tools i could have used then. damn
it. its his job, and i get fucked over b/c hes an idiot.ive
been on the verge of tears all day. i cant do this, i cant
put on a happy face anymore. it is too hard.