The jerk files
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2001-07-30 06:16:36 (UTC)

Today. Sunday 11 pm

Well im sitting here on my rump and well first off i am
mad, mom is getting on my nerves a bit. hey whatever.
I just got back from jen b's pool party with flight 180 and
soul journer or something. It was really fun and cool.
People were getting crazy. my back hurts. Well as some
people i have told and they have told a friend and so on
and so forth.... Some people already know im going to
enroll into masters commission this year. Im kinda nervous
and excited at the same time. I guess it cant be bad huh?
Whatever i want to go to bed at 1 in the morn and get up at
5!!!! YES! whatever. I will have fun. Rock on people. I
gotta go my moms about to blow. peace and im out. Oh and im
sorry for not writing sooner kinda busy lately. ill tell ya
about later.