Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-30 06:06:17 (UTC)

what the shiznit ...

O hey I thought that was pretty funny. Hehehe. Okay so the
rest of my sunday went well. I went to Costco with my dad.
Hahaha. Makes me laugh cus Chris always makes fun of me.
Hehehe. O well then we went to the Fish Market. (that would
be a restuarant for those of you who dont kno) And get this
I dont like fish but I ate there. I would have settled for
oysters but I didnt feel like it. So I had the California
white seabass. At first I was like eeeeeeyuck. But hey what
do you kno it is pretty good. Guess that is what I get for
not trying it. O well. We came home and sat around the rest
of the day to watch Tv and snuff. I mean stuff. Hahaha.
Okay okay I did do that on purpose but sorry. BLAH. Okay
well now I am goin to go watch a movie on HBO. You kno the
ones that have nudity and strong sexual content.
Hahahahahahahahahaha J/K!!!! I am goin to watch Chill
Factor. I dont think that has that kind of stuff in it.
Well I kno it doesnt cus I have seen it before. O yea I
almost forgot. I gave my dirty smelly cat, Lucky, a bath
hahaha. Just had to add that in. Okay well I guess that
would be it. Uhhh :o( I miss Chris. Sniffles hahahaha. Well
I do. Okay well I guess that be it. (Me and my dad had a
conversation about Chris today hehe) OKay well ........ for
now .... till then ...... he is missed ...... hahahaha
............ okay okay .............