Lesbian bullshit
2001-07-30 05:47:54 (UTC)

sometimes i wish i wish for..

i wish
i wish for things that could never come true
but i still wish
for these things
these thoughts
these dreams
I want
them to come true
but they will never be
they will never be mortally seen
and i will never have what i really want
in lonely hours
the tears divour my cheeks
and the wind blows threw my hair
the crystals falling dry
and i hear a silence ive never heard before
i love this girl
i think of her
shes in each and every one of my thoughts
i dream of her
shes in all my dreams
it used to be reality
but now i can only remember that reality
and this weakness i leave behind
then i cry
in tears of pearls
these tears of pearls
all these mixed emotions
we keep locked away from all the world
the tears of pearls
has brought me no where
but down
down here
IN THE fucking shit whole
I like to call it...
My fucking life!!