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2002-10-02 17:53:03 (UTC)


I just baked a cake for the bf,i feel like i owe him so
much that all the things in the world wouldn't be enough to
pay back for all his love and caring.Seriously i couldn't
be happier.
He's soooo perfect !!
Yesterday we spent the whole day together,i went to his
place and then we drove to his house in the countryside
where he keeps his dogs and studied and played with the
poochies.It was all good despite a little discussion we got
into about my male friends being all after me but i didn't
mind it,actually i like it when he gets a lil jealous ;)
So we had a good time up til when i scratched my back on
the bed and accidentially removed a mole off my back.It
started bleeding so we went to the hospital the doc said
that i'll have to get cut where the mole used to be in
order to be taken off the skin underneath it as well or i
might be getting skin cancer.Ouch,i'm all scared now.
I'll be talkin to the doc in a hour and ask him further
Anyway,i'm waiting for the bf to come over in a couple of
hours and i still have to take care of the cake so i better
be going.
See ya

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