ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2002-10-02 17:48:09 (UTC)

It's just one of those days. . .

some days are good. . others are bad, very bad. i don't
know why this is such a bad day. i got to bed early last
night (11 PM is pretty darn early for me) and i got up and
got ready for class on time. for precal we even went to
burger king and did absolutely nothing pertaining to
precalculus. i just feel horrible. i just want to sleep. .
and not think about anything. . barret. . the fact that
he's completely ignoring me. . ap chem. . the 4 labs i
have to do before next wednesday. . my lesson tomorrow
morning that i haven't practiced for yet. . everything
just piles up. i don't know how i can do this for another
year and a half. this is crazy. i want to talk to barret
so bad. . but there's nothing that i can talk about with
him. abby said something about her, maggie and barret
going to marble slab to celebrate the end of history
projects. geez, itz not my fault that i'm taking these
crazy classes that they stay away from. i bet next
semester barret's gonna be asking me about chem just like
maggie and jane are right now. great. i just want to
sleep. . no piano, no french, no nothing. just sleep.
there is no way i can do that. i need to be awake and
working. at least the week's almost over. thank god. maybe
barret would like me if i threw myself at him like leah
does. god, why the heck does he like her? she doesn't even
like him that way. alright, enough bitching for today.