my life sux
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2002-10-02 17:04:33 (UTC)

My migraines are getting worse seizures doing better yippee!

Hello Diary,
I'm still seizure free and thrill ed about actually.
My family still treating me like dirt and could careless.
I still seem to nothing but a dirt to them, i don't matter
and never have to them at all.
I often wonder why I even care at all they could caeless
about me I know that for a fact.
I'm my mothers child she most likely wishes I was dead a
thousand times over!!!
If I had a child when I was a teen or I was a druggie like
cathy had the excuses for all the things i did everything
would be alright to her.
So she just treats me like dirt and it's alright.

I got a call from insurance co. today and possible in 4 weeks I might be approved for life ins.
I hope to have 50,000 I applied for I only have 15,000 right now which is a real joke.
So my sz's are doing better and my migraines are worsening not much of a trade actually.