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2002-10-02 16:47:55 (UTC)

I think i have insomnia?

I don't know why but i can't seem to sleep at night. I'd
be wide awake till 2 something in the morning at least and
then only i'd fall asleep. What are the sypmtoms of
insomnia? Could it be possible that i have sleeping
problems? Or maybe it's just cause i stayed up late every
night since last week when i was at my aunt's watching
vcds? Well, i really don't know. I'd wake up late in the
morning and it would be almost afternoon. Then, i'd watch
tv and feel sleepy after a few hours. That is if i stayed
at home, of course. I don't feel sleepy when i'm outside
all day. I really have no idea and i really can't sleep at
night. Sure hope it's nothing. Is there a doctor in the
house??? LOL.