of little importance
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2002-10-02 16:07:41 (UTC)

meet my gaze

when i walk down a street or sidewalk or hall or whatever,
and i pass someone, i look straight at them. i don't look
at my shoes because they do not know where i am going. and
i like to see if they will meet and hold my gaze. i will
not look away first. it's become a challenge to me. if
someone holds my gaze i wonder what they're thinking. if
someone looks away, i wonder what they're hiding.

i've written before of how you can't mask eyes. are these
people afraid that i can see deep within them and know the
truth of who and what they are? if so, why are they
ashamed of that? if they're not ashamed, are they just shy
or what? are they afraid of me? i don't think so. i'm
not a very...frightening person...well, i can be. but only
if you know me well. to people who don't know me, i do not
reveal my darker side very often. i don't do that anyways,
but mere acquaintances have never seen it. so if they're
afraid, what are they afraid of?

are they afraid of what i'm thinking? well, if i was
thinking something bad about that person (usually i'm
wondering why they won't look at me) staring at the ground
won't help.

i've got it. they think the top of their head is much more
interesting than they're face.