Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-10-02 16:00:23 (UTC)

ladies and gentlemen, i exsist.

So here i am. I actually do still exsist and im still in
the band. I haven't really written to much about what's
going on in my life or in my head lately so i thought id
take a minute and chat. So today is much like every other
day, im sitting in my cube working, listening to good music
and waiting for that phone call from NY that says sony
music has just offered us a half a million dollar record
deal, and for me to quit work, pack my bags and shave this
God-forsaken beard off my face. There's a good chance
that's not gonna happen today, or tomorrow. My life is
great...i have a great parents a beautiful sister, a dope
gf, a good job and a fabulous band..(plus i have some
pretty cool clothes and shoes)You know that feeling
of "unemotion" when something big happens..then the reality
hits you about a week later? Well i think im living this
right now. My best friend just moved to LA. Yep...he's
moved west to try his luck in Tv/movies, and music. I miss
him. As much as i miss him, im ten times more excited for
him. He has been waiting for the right time to take the
leap for about 2 years now and though i hate to see him go,
i was one of advocates of pushing him out of the plane
kicking and screaming. As cool as movies would be, i'd
really like him to get a slot on a prime time sitcom, so i
can laugh at him on a weekly basis. I've also pushed and
pushed for him to get on Mtv's dismissed and rather than
try to win over the girl, make a complete fool of himself.
Changing lanes...we play tonight at the star bar. Pacifico
rock nights are always a blast, hanging out with the guys,
drinking a few beers,and pretending that after the show we
hang out all night and then board our huge tour bus with
headaches, dirty bodies,and and intense desire to wrap our
heads in a pillow, or "pallow" as joel would say. If you're
reading this and you would conswider yourself a "pacifico
fan" WE NEED YOU. If there was ever a time in this bands
exsistence when we need whatever fan base we have to rear
it's beautiful's right now. So basically from now
untill i say stop please don't leave us or forsake us (imm
gonna get struick down for that)Writ on the message board,
read the diary..e-mail [email protected], come to shows
inviute friends, burn our cds, spread the gosple. We will
not let you down, we will continue to rock like a level
five hurricane for you. JUST KEEP UP WITH US!