Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2002-10-02 15:48:10 (UTC)

The Band...

We started a band. Jamie, Sam (my ex, who broke up
with me for no reason *not the same as mike*), Jonah
(who I like very much, and have for about 5 years now),
Chris (whom I don't know yet), and myself.

I play the drums. Jonah and Sam, the guitar. Chris
sings, and Jamie plays the bass.

Sam. I can't believe he just walked up to me and spoke
to me. Now we're in a band together. I find that truly
odd. Last night I called Mike to wish him a happy very
very belated birthday, and we talked for hours. We had
an adult objective discussion about how we felt about
one another, and what went wrong in our relationship.
We still love each other, and we'll always care deeply
for each other.

Well, I'm outtie because the bell is about to ring.